December 16, 2016

We all know how frantic Christmas gift wrapping and all the crazy food preparation can be when family comes together! We are celebrating Christmas tomorrow with my family and I got up early to wrap a bunch of gifts and cook.

I looked at the mountain full of tasks in front of me and thought, “It will take me ’til 3 o’clock to do this…” Well, I dug in with prayer and a little joy for strength and thought, “Oh well, with the Bloom dinner tonight I will be up ’til midnight doing this!”

Anyway, I finished everything, made a cup of coffee and looked at the clock and was shocked to see that only two hours had passed by!!! It was only 10 o’clock and I thought it was around 3 pm. Not only did God give me the strength to do the job, He gave me the time!!! The extra time I needed to get the job done!! Awesome!! Now, on to more fun things!!

Holly Michel