November 19, 2016

Since becoming tithers, Justin and I have been blessed more than we can fathom. Last year we lived in San Antonio. Justin suddenly, and without warning, lost his job. Our life was flipped upside-down. We used what was left of the money we had to move back home to Granbury.

When we got back we had $100 in the bank account, bills past due, bills coming in, no home of our own and no job. We started back to The Way. When pastor Barry did his message on tithing Justin and I both felt led to give $20. It wasn’t much, but it was a start. That Monday we both got jobs. We continued to give “as we could”. Once we finally took the leap of faith and started giving 10% out of both our paychecks a week, even if we had enough or not (which we also did in the end!!! God provides!!) is when our lives changed! Drastically!!! We found a rent house. Paid ALL our debt off. Got a new car. We told God we wanted to buy a house and started saving.

We found a few houses that we liked but nothing that was “perfect” for us. Barry preached one week about having the card that we wrote down all the things we were thankful for and all the things that we were praying for. We filled that thing out! Top to bottom. Front and back. We were very specific on one side about the house we wanted: down to the penny we wanted to spend on a mortgage payment. We read the card out loud, professing it, praying over it, at least 5-6 times a day. We continued to tithe. We saw a house that we kinda liked and we got an appointment to go look at it. We were on our way and we almost turned around and canceled our appointment to look at it but we both had this urgency to look at it.

When we pulled up we both looked at each other in awe. The pictures hadn’t done it justice. It was beautiful. It was perfect. We instantly fell in love with it. It had everything we had listed. We placed an offer and it was instantly accepted. After everything was said and done we even got [it for] lower than the amount we had asked God for. He never ceases to amaze us!! Ever!! The best part: It was a few days after the 1 year anniversary of Justin losing his job.

These are the things that make me wonder how someone can not believe in such an amazing, caring God!! And how can anyone not tithe!?! You are cheating yourself! We went from basically being flat broke and almost homeless to owning our own home and being financially stable in 1 year. God is good.

Andrea McKinney