November 28, 2016

I was at work one day and one of my customers came by to pick a prescription up. It was a weekend and a slow day. I asked how she was doing; she is always cheerful with a smile on her face. We had polite conversation and as she was leaving she turned and said, “Say a prayer for me.” I told her, “I will,” then I started thinking about what James always tells us, “Step out!!” I told her, “You know what, let’s do it right now!”

I took her around the corner; she sat down. I asked what the issue was and she told me [the issue was with] her leg, “The skin is infected and they are worried because it’s raw flesh.” She had it wrapped up. I asked her, “Could I touch the leg that needed healing?” She said yes! So I began to pray.

As I prayed we both became very hot. The words just came pouring out and she [received]. We finished and said our ‘goodbyes’ and she thanked me for praying for her.

I told myself, “I’m tired of being afraid to pray for people who are in need: I’m just going to be a ‘doer.'” Also, I never knew what to say and would cry and never get the words out, but now I’m not afraid…

A week later she came by to tell me that when she went to the doctor he said the leg had grown new skin, and it’s never done that before, she explained. She was so happy because it’s a sign of healing. She came teary-eyed; she told me that day I prayed for her she had lost all hope, but after the prayer she has a different outlook on life now. I told her, “God puts people in place and He knew you needed Hope and faith regained.”

It feels so good when He calls you to do something for someone at the perfect time. That day she received healing, hope and her faith is restored. The Lord is always on time!!!

Eloisa Finch