October 12, 2016

“Hi, my name is Kim and I just wanted to share a testimony with y’all. My job had some changes and I was laid off on September 9th. And so I was kinda praying and seeking God about what to do and looking for jobs and things. And a job came available that I really felt like I was supposed to work at, I had a peace about it, and went and filled out an application and left my resume and they told me the job had already been filled.

And I didn’t understand it, but, so I left and just continued on and searched for jobs and everything. And it was in the Wednesday night service when Pastor Barry got a prophetic word that there was going to be an employment miracle. So, I’m like, “Okay, God, but I’m still searching and I didn’t really have that particular job in mind anymore. And so, it was like 7 days and a few hours and I was asleep. It was 7 o’clock in the morning and I get a phone call. It was the job that I had wanted. And they said, “Do you still want this job?” And I’m like, “YES!” And they’re like, “Can you be here by 9.” And I’m like, “YES!”

So I jumped up and I’m screaming around and everything, and my husband’s like, “What’s wrong!? What’s wrong!?”And I’m like, “This is good news!” And I went out there and I talked to them and I was hired immediately on the date and started work that day.

And so, God is good all the time. And I just wanted to say, I thought it was really neat that it was like 7 days, yeah, 7 days and a few hours from the prophetic word. And then it’s like inward restoration. And also, that, you know, just keeping your spirit, if God has put something in your spirit and you know it’s for you, nobody’s going to take it from you. And this other person, they were blessed; they got a new job, they pay more. I was blessed. And so, it’s good. It’s really good. God’s good all the time!

Kim Brungardt