August 6, 2016

Last week my son received a check for $75 from his aunt. I was telling him anytime you receive a blessing from someone you should tithe 10% of what you receive. He said he would and gave me $20 of the $75, then he gave $5 for the church.

At church I decided to give the $20 plus what my son gave to me to give. So I told him sit, have faith and watch what He will do!!! I’d told him that the Bible says we can test Him on this. So, today I’m sitting and paying bills, I come to the electric bill; it was due on the 3rd and here we are on the 6th. The amount due was $387.32.

I always pay by phone; when I called to pay my bill it said I only owed $255.57. I thought, “This can’t be right,” so I hung up and called back… same thing. I payed the $255.57 and called back again to see if there was balance owed or something like a late charge. It said “0 (zero) balance owed”… I was shocked after what I realized what happened. It was a $137 savings that I didn’t have to pay.

God is so amazing and on time. I am a cheerful giver!!!

Eloisa Finch