September 14, 2016

While on vacation, I was having my regular dialysis session which takes over 4 hours. Across the room a man was cursing constantly. I asked one of the nurses what made him so mad and was told he had Tourette’s syndrome. After finishing my session, I went to the scale to weigh myself. The man’s chair was adjacent to the scale. As I walked up to the scale, Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for him. After listening to him curse and badger everyone near him for the last 4 hours I was reluctant to be obedient and told the Lord I needed another sign. The nurse notified me they had mixed up my bag and his and I had to go to his chair to get my bag. I went to get my bag and asked him if I could pray for him. In a few short words he let me know he didn’t want me to.

I proceeded to pray for him anyway. I placed my hand on his shoulder and the Lord told me to say that this disease does not belong to him, it was not his, it belonged in hell and that if he accepted this truth the Lord would heal him. As I prayed, it was like the Lord was speaking through me and I was outside watching. Afterwards I grabbed my bag and rushed out the door.

I had to return for another appointment 2 days later. The nurse came to me and told me that the man had been cured of Tourette’s syndrome and wanted to know what god I prayed to. I told her, “The only true God.” While talking to her, I found out the man is normally not there on the day I went. He was there to make up an appointment he missed. If he had stuck to his regular schedule we never would have crossed paths.

After returning home, 2 weeks later, I got a call from the same nurse asking if I could pray and talk to a lady who was diagnosed with cancer. She sits next to the gentleman that had Tourette’s syndrome and wanted My God to cure her too. I prayed for her and talked with her and haven’t heard anything back.

Several weeks later I got another call from the same nurse asking when I would be back in town because the gentleman I had prayed for wanted to meet with me. I explained I wouldn’t be back for quite some time but I was more than willing to talk to him on the phone. The nurse explained that he is now bringing the Bible and preaching the Good Word to other people and telling them that God can heal them like He healed him. Three days a week he goes and hour early to talk to people about God and he will stay as late as people want him to, if they are willing to listen.