Fall 2015

I came to WSTM this particular night with PAIN! Apparently from a pinched nerve in my lower back, the sciatic nerve I think. It really hurt, I could not sit down with any kind of comfort. I asked Angela to pray for me, which she did, but it was time to start. I just could not get comfortable! The pain seemed to settle in my leg and ankle, but I was sitting. After class when Jacob asked if anyone needed prayer ‘old slewfoot’ tried to tell me not to bother, “You know, it always takes going to the chiropractor to relieve it.”

But I hurt, and I really don’t like to hurt, so I asked for prayer. Several people were praying for me. Jacob asked if I felt anything was happening, I could not say that it was but I again had the thought, “you know,” they were asked to pray again. Joanne came around to my right side where it was hurting and put her hands on me as she prayed.

It started feeling warm, something WAS happening, I was being HEALED, SO I STOOD UP AND SAID SO! As I stood I heard a cracking sound, nothing there to crack that I knew of, but that was ok! No pain! I was healed! PRAISE THE LORD!

Jenny Wager