August 7, 2015

[transcript for video]
“I went swimming in the back canal in the water and I had forgot I had my glasses on my head. So, I was taking Zaden swimming and I dunked underneath the water and I didn’t even realize I had my glasses on my head. An hour after I got out of the water I realized, “Oh my goodness I forgot to take off my glasses.”

Well the next day I sent my husband out looking for my glasses in the water and he could not find them. He said, “No, there was a current, there was a wind, they’re gone.” Three weeks later, it was really hot and I decided to go swimming. I jumped in the water. My son’s friend Clinton was there, he was on the right side of the canal, I was on the left. He was fishing. I was swimming. I jumped in the water and I told my husband, “I’m going to look for my glasses.” And my husband said, “You’re never gonna find ’em; they already drifted out to the lake.”

And I said really loudly, I said, “Angels! Bring me my glasses in Jesus’ name.” And Clinton and my husband just looked at me like, “Yeah, right.” All of a sudden, I took two steps forward, and I felt something in between my toes. I’ve always been good at picking up things with my toes. I picked my foot up out of the water and there was my glasses in my toes.

And I yelled, “MY GLASSES!!!” And then Clint came running over and Dave’s like, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” And they’re like, they couldn’t believe it. And I said, “See, I told ya.” I said, “Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you angels. There’s my glasses.” ”

Patricia Powers