June 19, 2015

[transcript from video]
“So last weekend we were in the process of selling our car and we had someone out looking at it that day. It didn’t work out for them, but we had all of our stuff out for it, like our title. So, the next day, on Sunday, we had a couple appointments after service, after church on Sunday, for people to come look at it. We got home and we were getting our stuff together and we couldn’t find our title anywhere. We spent over an hour and a half looking for it. And after spending all that time we were feeling a little discouraged.

So Jody’s like, “Let’s just sit down and pray and kinda ask God where to find our title.” And after we prayed, he said, “You know what we need to do, we need to send out our angels to find that title for us.” And so, that’s what we did, we asked our angels to bring our title back to us.

So Jody went out to check the Expedition [vehicle] one more time, and he said he felt the wind blow, and in his mind he said, “You know what, follow the wind.” So he followed the wind across the street from where our car was parked into a field and there in the grass was our title, completely intact, not even a drop of water was on it. And we were just so excited to find it.

And God is so good because He does what He says He’s going to do. Those angels went out there and brought it back to us and God cares about the little things. And so, we just wanted to share our testimony with you guys. God cares about the little things and angels are helping us with everything in our daily lives. Sometimes we don’t even know it. And we should engage them. Thanks a bunch. Bye.”

Amber Rowland