October 16, 2015

I had a major encounter with God this morning! Me and my two grandbabies were on our way to Weatherford and came around a curve and found myself facing a pickup in my lane coming straight at me. It was a no passing lane for either direction. There was a delivery truck in the lead of on-coming traffic being followed by two cars. The white pickup in my lane was side by side with the second car. The next thing I know I’m calmly watching this pickup pull over in front of the delivery truck as it passed me. Funny thing is…I don’t remember pulling off the road complete on the grass in the bar ditch. Just as calm as a cucumber I sit there watching this pickup trying to speed past the car and truck. That particular length of highway had a curve on either end and wasn’t that long. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my God intervened and picked my truck up and set it down on the grass. It was like I lost a few seconds and never once did I feel scared or did my heart race or was there any physical reaction to that situation. I praise my God for ALL he does for me. I actually almost forgot about it until I lay here going over my day before dozing off. No impact what so ever. Just praise you Lord. lol but God!

Patti Boyer