November 27,2015

Early in the Spring, I began to have sciatic pain that ran from the lower part of my back all the way down my right leg. It was extremely painful to sit, walk, stand and lay down. To top it off, I had a trip to Bethel Church in California three weeks out from when this happened. I began to become anxious and worry. I even began to consider cancelling the trip. There was a three hour plane ride, a three hour drive from Oakland to Redding, and sitting through multiple conferences. A couple of days before I was scheduled to leave, a friend of mine gave me a sciatic pillow to relieve some of the pain and it was amazing! I constantly used it, I knew this pillow would make my trip tolerable. The day we left, my husband dropped me off at the airport, we said goodbye, and he drove away. As I stood in the line to check-in, I realized I left the pillow in the car. I began to think “how am I ever going to make it through this trip without that pillow?? Even if they have to wheel me through this airport, I am going to make it to California!!” I prayed for the endurance and went to sit down to wait for our plane to depart, and suddenly I realized there was no more pain at all. I sat through the plane ride, drove to Redding, and sat through every single conference without a hitch. I received so much revelation during that trip which only made me believe that the devil was the one that was trying to keep me from getting there. Not only that, I haven’t had any issue with my sciatic nerve again.

Selina Duque