December 5, 2015

Being the Christmas Season I would like to thank God for one of the greatest gifts he has

ever given me and that is my eye sight. I have had Aged Macular Degeneration of the eyes. The last week of August (2015) I could not read or drive as my vision had got worse. For three weeks or better it was a real challenge to do anything. I am very fortunate that my daughter and her family, Margie, Jackie and Spencer, were living with me. I am not sure how I would have made it without them. I went to the Retina Specialist for three weeks and they gave me shots in my eye. I came to church during this time and ask Amy to pray for me. The next time I went to the Dr. my vision had improved to where I read some. Within three weeks I was driving some today I can drive and read. One of the best things is my right eye is good now and my left eye which I had not been able to really see much at all has been improving the sight is coming back. When this first happened my vision in my right eye was 20/200 and now it is 20/25 This Christmas I received this wonderful gift from God who I give all the GLORY and thanks for my eye sight.