August 28, 2015

This summer I got accepted into Texas Wesleyan University. I was really hoping I would get a scholarship that would pay my full tuition for 2 years. I got an email May 26th and opened it to see my financial aid for next 2 semesters.. I was happy to get $8000 in grants and scholarships but was kind of upset I didn’t get the full scholarship that would allow me to go to college for free.. I thanked God for my scholarships because every bit helps I just knew I would have to take out an $11,000 loan….. later on that week I got another email that my financial aid had changed…. I opened the email and noticed that I was awarded another $9000 from the school I’m not sure how because I know I didn’t apply for anything else. I was beyond excited about this! I am now going to school this year and only had to pull out a $2,000 loan instead of $11,000. GOD is so good!